Our Integrated Approach

Analyse, Reduce, Transform...

At Energem we are proud to offer an integrated end to end energy service. Our approach allows us to work across many industries, offering technologies that aid energy reduction and strategies for energy efficiency. We are big believers in a more sustainable world, and our energy saving programs are our way of making a difference each and every day, one building at a time.

Our Energy Trilogy Strategy

By combining our Analyse, Reduce, Transform strategy we offer a tailored and fully integrated energy solution that is specific to your business needs. Our unique integration approach will future proof your organisation against rising energy costs, reduce energy consumption, increase profits and enhance sustainability initiatives.

Energem will develop the right solution for your business, managing the entire process from initial analysis through project management, transforming your energy performance.

Our energy reduction technologies are world class and we are trailblazing our way to a more sustainable future, supporting and guiding our valued clients each step of the way.

How We Deliver Your Project

Supporting our Energy Trilogy Approach is our signature energy management strategy “SMARRT”. This forward-thinking energy saving process unites all of our projects under one definitive quality of service.

  • S


    Fast analysis on-site with our proprietary mobile app.

  • M


    Precise energy use and misuse monitoring using Eniscope.

  • A


    Real-time cloud analysis of trends, using our software platform.

  • R


    Interpretation of savings opportunities using retrofit technologies.

  • R


    Nodal analysis and comprehensive reporting to influence decision making.

  • T


    Sustain and improve performance by setting goals and verifying success.


Fast on site analysis


Real-time trend analysis


Accurately track usage


Identify reduction opportunities

What Does Your Project Cost?

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We can analyse your organisation’s energy profile, providing detailed ROI reporting on all aspects of your energy efficiency needs. We offer funding solution packages for all our energy saving opportunities.

We also offer a shared energy savings model ZEN (Zero Energy Network). No capital expenditure, Remarkable energy savings!
This groundbreaking approach is the best way to deliver effective energy reduction solutions across Australia today. Have a chat to one our energy consultants to see if your business qualifies.

ZEN - Enjoy no up-front costs

What would you say to enjoying the impact of a range of energy saving solutions, without having to buy them up front?

It sounds almost too good to be true, but for many of our clients this is a model we are able to offer. The reason is that our solutions, all tied together by our flagship monitoring system ‘Eniscope’, consistently save a huge amount of energy.

Because we are able to save a great deal of energy, there is often room for both parties to share in those savings. That means we are incentivised to save you the most energy we can, and you don’t have to find the money in the budget to fund the project!

So many businesses out there realise the importance of saving energy, and understand that doing so could greatly increase their profit margins, but finding the budget is always hard. We make that problem disappear by offering this solution.

Have a friendly chat to one of energy reduction consultants to see if your business qualifies!

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Curious to find out whether we could deliver your energy savings with no up-front costs? We are on hand to answer any questions you may have over the phone, via email or using our easy-to-use contact form.

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