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Intelligent Energy Reduction

Energem offer a suite of groundbreaking energy reduction technologies that solve the challenges of achieving energy efficiency for businesses across Australia.

Supporting all industries our intelligent energy solutions tackle skyrocketing costs and the demands of every day business energy consumption head on.

  • Save with Solar Technologies

  • Boost Air-Con Efficiency

  • Enhance Refrigeration Efficiency

  • Improve Lighting Efficiency & Intelligence

  • Manage Energy Use

  • Optimise Voltage & Power Factor

  • Increase Kitchen Ventilation Efficiency

  • Improve Motor Efficiency

  • Smart Cities IOT applications

The heart of what we do at Energem is energy efficiency. We listen to our customers and provide energy reduction techniques with the aid of our portfolio of energy saving products. Have a scroll to find out more!

The tools that help us improve your energy efficiency..

  • Edge IQ

    Voltage optimisation

    Reduces the voltage running into your home to a steady 225 volts. This allows your appliances to take in only the amount of power they need to run, and increases your energy savings and solar harvest by up to 15%.

  • Eniscope

    Real Time Energy Monitoring

    Combining monitoring and management into one package with real-time data for any facility portfolio. Cutting-edge technology with a straight-forward interface.

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  • Inverters

    Solar Technologies

    Offering a full suite of world class Inverter technology including Fronius, ABB, Sungrow, SMA, Solax, Goodwe, Solis - amongst many others.

  • Vortex LED

    Hi Bay Commercial / Industrial LED

    The Lumn Vortex High Bay combines best in class performance and energy efficiency with a low capital expenditure. With the 120W model replacing existing 400W conventional high bays, the Vortex High Bay offers the perfect retrofit solution.

  • Integra

    Motor Control

    This smart motor dynamically adapts to the size of the load, yielding up to 40% energy savings, without any compromise on performance.

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  • CUES

    Refrigeration Efficiency

    Reduce the pressure on your cooling units, extend operating life span and cut refrigeration costs by up to 33%.

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  • Eluma and Atmos

    LED Lighting

    Optimise your lighting efficiency through daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing. Our LED lighting efficiency could cut up to 85% off your lighting bills.

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  • PowerSave

    Power Factor Correction

    Correct your power imbalance & reduce power consumption and emissions by up to 20%. This solution reduces network demand charges on your bill shown as KVA, whilst enhancing the lifespan of your appliances and equipment.

  • Eniscope Wireless IOT Sensors

    Measure pulse (temperature, water, gas, occupancy)

    Our wireless pulse counter range can be connected to the pulse output of a system (water meter, power meter, etc.) to count the number of actuations within a given time frame. Example Applications • Water, gas and air flow meters. • Door access counter. • Turn style counting. • Forklift seat switches. • Button or switch integration. • Production line tracking. • And many more...

  • ACES

    AC Efficiency (HVAC)

    Air con doesn't need to be expensive. ACES ensures that only the necessary components of your air-con work when needed, saving you up to 35% on costs.

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  • Panels

    Solar Technologies

    We offer a full suite of Solar integration solutions from design to install. Some of the many panels we offer are Jinko, CSun, LG, ET, Seraphim plus many more suppliers

See What 7-Eleven Think

Take a look at this quick case study video from a recent project to see how commercial energy savings have occurred with this amazing, trailblazing technology.

Commercial Case Study

  • British Energy Saving Technology
  • Transcript
  • 4:36

Fellow BEST partner in the Nordics – IQ Energy – recently installed Eniscope energy monitoring system across every single 7-Eleven store in Denmark. The results were beyond impressive.

  • 2.7m kWh saved
  • 864 tonnes of CO2 saved
  • 11.52% average savings across stores
  • Every store monitored from a single, central software platform
  • Zero disruption to operating on-site

It is a prime example of the suitability of our system for commercial applications. The company behind 7-Eleven in the Nordics (Reitan Convenience) agree, and roll-outs are now ongoing in Sweden and Norway as well.

You can see the project and hear from our client in the video (right).

A Satisfied Client

The Reitan Group were very pleased with the results

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